We’re trying to gauge interest in ordering decals from our vinyl vendor RallyGrafix. We need to know who’s interested and what sizes they’d like.

White is a very popular color for a decal but we’re not limited to just that, we can choose from a variety of different colors. Available colors are found here.

Also, in terms of size here is a listing of common sizes (length) and locations:

Rear window: 38″ (measured on a 2004 WRX)
Trunk: 36″ (measured on a 2000 Forester)
Diagonal on the glass of a hatchback along the D pillar: 20″ (measured on a 2002 WRX hatch)
“Medium”: 20″
“Small”: 10″

You’re more than welcome to contact RallyGrafix directly for ordering one or two decals, but if you’re interested in a bulk quantity or a group buy, please go contact us directly via our decal order form found at and we’ll get back to you.

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  1. These graphics really are great folks. I’ve seen them in person, they look fantastic, they last a very long time in tough Vermont weather, and by the looks of things, we’ll be putting them on many many cars.

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