Not all dealerships are created equal

Some dealerships can give you an amazing experience, while others can be a nightmare in disguise. We have a new review on our forum about a dealership in New Hampshire that’s worth a read.

Dealer Review: Subaru of Milford, NH

In reference to:
1999 Subaru Forester S, $4950

Seller’s Notes: One owner trade – clean car history no accidents – well maintained MIles on odometer show 54,657 actual 165,822 odometer was replaced.

Found the car via and visited the dealership on a weekday toward the end of the day. Ahzlon and I test drove this car and discovered that it was in terrible need of new brakes all the way around, a new clutch and the radiator was bone dry (assumption: blown head gaskets). Not to mention the car did not even turn over due to a badly discharged battery.

Xan was our sales rep and while his lack of mechanical knowledge wasn’t of any concern to us, it was his disgusting salesmanship that helped turn us away from this poor Forester. When we voiced our concerns about those items he initially didn’t budge but claimed to understand what we were saying then very quickly turned into a pushy salesperson.

Me: I realize that you’re selling an old, used car, but driving home safely is kind of important to me.
Xan: I’d rather wash my hands of it and sell it to you for $4950. Now… we do have a service department that can fix those problems for you after the sale and I’d like to get my service points for it too. *chuckle*
Me: If were to perform those repairs post-sale we’re looking at safely $3000. Want to sell it for a grand?
Xan: No… But let me go talk to my service manager about something.

10 minutes pass, so I wander out back and find Xan sitting at the service counter, playing with some pens.

Me: I have some other dealers to hit up before dark.
Xan: Okay, can I take down your number?
Me: [phone number]
Xan: Okay, we’ll call you in about 15 minutes

I thanked him for his time and we left…. I received no phone call.

My personal rating of this salesperson: -5 / 5 TERRIBLE
My personal rating of this dealership: 2 / 5 MEDIOCRE (the only redeeming factor about this establishment was the fact they had a community member from New England Subarus working there)