$50 Gas Card Raffle (round 2)

Another raffle!

For non-members and members alike! Who wouldn’t want a free tank of gas? To show our appreciation for all those who appreciate our existence, we’d like to offer everyone a chance to win a $50 gas card. Tickets will be available online and in person starting on March 3rd at 6 PM, and the drawing will be held on April 30th.

Discounted tickets will be available starting March 3rd, after those sell out the price will increase by $1. There are only 5 available discounted tickets available!

Members will of course enjoy a couple extra perks outlined below and if you’re a “highly active” member on our forums here, then you’ll get to enjoy even more perks! Here’s the breakdown:


  • Tickets are a flat $5 per ticket for both members and non-members.
  • Registered forum members (before 03/01/2012) will receive an additional free ticket with the purchase of at least one ticket.
  • If you have 10+ (ten or more) posts on this forum before 03/03/2012 then you will receive an additional free ticket with the purchase of at least one ticket (this is at the discretion of the admins, just don’t go posting ten “bumps”)


So if you’re a registered member on this site AND you have ten or more relevant posts on this forum before 03/03/2012 AND you’ve already purchased at least one ticket, then you’ll be holding three tickets for the price of one.

Enter the raffle


Guess we’re getting so popular that even hackers want our traffic!

Today we discovered a nasty little bug in PHP 5.2 that allows people to write to your website. Bad times for us! But on the positive side, NO user data was stolen from us.

If you notice anything wrong with the site, please let us know.

Website status:

As of 13:10 PM EST – Forum is back online. All services restored to full functionality.
As of 12:18 PM EST – Blog (main site) has been restored. Forum is still offline.