Decals are in!

White vinyl on rally mudflap
White vinyl on rally mudflap

New white vinyl decals are back in stock!

ONE – $5
TWO – $8
THREE – $ 12
FOUR – $15

Available for sale at special events and club meets.

Cut by 802Performance

We’re still not dead!

While we’ve been quiet, we’ve been focusing our efforts on becoming a better club. We’re having a few behind the scenes meetings to get things squared away for 2013!

What should you expect?

  • Better scheduling of events
  • Better communication with fearless leaders
  • New content
  • Member perks
  • More swag

We’ve pushed things out because we’re not happy with what we came up with, so it’s back to the drawing board. Good things take time…

We now accept credit & debit cards

Don’t have any cash at a meet and want to buy some swag? Want to donate to the Humane Society?

No problem!

We now accept credit & debit cards anywhere (that we can get AT&T coverage) via Square.

10″ decals coming soon!

We just ordered a batch of 10″ white decals from RallyGrafix today.

When they are in our hands, they will be for sale:

  • $5 for one
  • $8 for two
  • $12 for three
  • $15 for four

Proceeds will go to running the community, and donated to a charity once we pick one!


We’re trying to gauge interest in ordering decals from our vinyl vendor RallyGrafix. We need to know who’s interested and what sizes they’d like.

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