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Customer Service and Sales

Assistant General Manager

Geoff Bosse joined Twin City Subaru as Assistant General Manager in August, 2022. He joins us with over 28 years of automotive experience under his belt. He already loves his team and the atmosphere here. He recently made the move up to VT from CT with his family. 

Geoff likes exploring new places with his family, playing golf, going to concerts and sporting events. 

Geoff is a New Englander at heart. Born and raised in Maine, he is a U-Maine Graduate and got his humble start in automotive while in college, sweeping the parking lots. 

If stranded on a deserted island, Geoff would want to have his family with him along with their black lab names Brody.

Sales Manager
(802) 671-7451

A Bronx, N.Y. native, Desmond has lived in Vermont for over 20 years.  On his days off, Mr. Culcleasure enjoys Vermont's fantastic fishing, hiking, and snowshoeing with his daughters Celia, Amara & his wife Tanya. Why should you purchase a vehicle from him? "Because in my eyes it's more about building relationships than selling cars. I'll be there for you long after the sale is completed." 

Sales Manager
(802) 671-7452

Bryan lives in Chittenden County with his wife, Sarah, their daughter, Vera, and their two rescue dogs Tito and Opal.  On his days off, Bryan enjoys relaxing and spending time with his family exploring New England.  He has been with Twin City Subaru since 2015, where he has worked as a Sales & Leasing Consultant, Business Manager and is currently one of two Sales Managers.  Why should you purchase a vehicle from our Team?  "It's not just buying a car when you come to Twin City Subaru.  We focus on pairing you with the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle, while making the entire process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.  After the sale, you will have confidence that you will receive continued support from our Team for the long run."

Administrative Assistant

Jamie is a people person. She has a diverse background with a wide range of experience. From healthcare and beyond, she is a delightful person to work with who will make you feel right at home at your next visit to Twin City Subaru.

Customer Service and Sales
(802) 671-7432

Tony Fletcher graduated high school at Hazen Union in Hardwick, spent three years in the Army, & then the last 24 years in the auto business. Tony enjoys traveling around to different blues festivals, Vermont Breweries, and looking for unique restaurants. He has been to Ireland, London, Germany, and Tahiti & thinks Europe has been his favorite place to travel to so far! Tony's favorite place to eat & hang out is TnT's (Tony 'n Theresa) Porch Pub & Grill - you never know what is on the menu! 

Tony likes working at Twin City Subaru because t
he team is hard to beat. They are a bunch of people selling the best product the auto industry has to offer. 

Customer Service and Sales
(802) 671-7431

Jim Glassford has been a Subaru-Certified sales consultant for 25 years and is a 2018 Subaru Summit Performer. He graduated from Champlain College & and has lived in Vermont for 31 years. 

Jim's favorite car to sell is the Outback, and he believes that Subarus are the perfect car for this area because they're reliable, comfortable and great in the snow. Why buy from Jim at Twin City? "I have proven that I will be there for you after the sale, and I also treat others how I would like to be treated." 

Customer Service and Sales
(802) 671-7433

Dylan Otis attended Northfield High School & Norwich University. Previous to working at Twin City Subaru, Dylan worked for the Northfield Country Club for about 7 years, on the grounds crew for about two & assistant golf professional for almost 5 years. 
Dylan's favorite place to travel to is Pommerin, Tanzania - look it up and you will not find it on the map. When he's not at work, he likes to spend time with his daughter, and can found at the golf course. Speaking of which is he was stranded on a deserted island he would bring his golf equipment so he can always work on his golf swing, an ax, & a roll of fishing line. 
He also enjoys spending time in the woods hiking around, working around & improving his home. He considers himself a golf addict & thinks that being a dad is the greatest gift in the world. He has a beagle who adores him for taking him on walks making sure he is good and tired.
Dylan likes working at Twin City Subaru because he has a great team to work around that stands behind him in any situation.

Customer Service and Sales
(802) 671-7436

Customer Service and Sales
(802) 671-7435

Peter graduated from SUNY New Paltz where he received his degree in Secondary Education - Social Studies and over the last five years has taught in various middle schools. Outside of work Peter can be found kayaking or canoeing, hiking, playing disc golf, or snowboarding. He loves traveling to both the Caribbean and the Pacific Northwest - specifically the San Juan Islands. Peter has a 2-year-old Golden Retriever named Murphy! He likes working at Twin City Subaru because he is able to sell a brand that he loves and believes to be the best option for all Vermont driving conditions.

Customer Service and Sales
(802) 671-7434

Sales and Leasing Consultant

Meet Stefan Davis, one of our exceptional salesmen here at 802 Subaru. With deep roots in Waterbury, Vermont, Stefan has always been passionate about building relationships and connecting with people from all walks of life. He attended Harwood Union High School, where he honed his communication and interpersonal skills, which have served him well in his career.

Stefan's commitment to his customers is unparalleled, and he goes above and beyond to ensure that each one is satisfied with their experience. Don't just take our word for it - here's what some of his satisfied customers have to say:

"Stefan is an excellent salesperson who is extremely attentive, reliable, and an absolute joy to work with. I couldn't be more thrilled with my new WRX!" - Lauren B.

"Stefan Davis made it painless to get in, get my trade appraised, and drive off with the vehicle I came to get. He didn't try to get me into anything I wasn't interested in, we focused on that vehicle, and I was out of there in less than 4 hours." - Billy W.

When Stefan isn't working with customers, you can find him pursuing his favorite hobbies, including playing hockey, skiing, fishing, and kayaking. He also loves to travel and cites his trip to Greece and Italy as his best vacation ever.

If you're in the market for a new or used car, don't hesitate to reach out to Stefan. With his extensive knowledge and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, you're sure to have an exceptional car-buying experience.

Lender Relations
(802) 671-7459

Matt Cappetta was born in Long Island, NY, and moved to Barre, VT, at a young age. He thinks Vermont offers a great quality of life that nowhere else he has traveled to so far can match. His favorite place to be is outside relaxing in the sun or on the beach with his son Henry.

Matt worked for Harley-Davidson for about 8 years and at another Subaru dealership before coming to Twin City Subaru. He likes to work at Twin City Subaru because "The atmosphere of the dealership is unlike any other car dealership I've experienced. We are so lucky to have great customers, a great product, and a team that has integrity and wants to make people happy."


Customer Service and Vehicle Maintenance-Repair-Recall

Chris Mango
Customer Driven Service Manager
(802) 671-7461

Chris Mango was born in Massachusetts & moved to VT in 1998. He studied at Vermont Technical College & started his career off as an entry-level technician & worked his way up to Subaru Senior Master/Shop Foreman at Twin City Subaru. On his day off he likes to snowboard, hike, and spend time with his family. His favorite meal is a Porterhouse steak & a loaded baked potato, and if he was stranded on a deserted island he would bring his family, a machete, and a bug net!

Chris is married & has three beautiful little girls and two rescue dogs. He likes working at Twin City Subaru because of the amazing team that he gets to work with every day.

Dan Royea
Customer Driven Service Advisor
(802) 671-7462

Clara Griffin
Service Advisor
(802) 671-7464

If Clara Griffin was stranded on a deserted island, she would take her dog, a fire starting kit, & water. Clara is an avid hockey player. Her favorite place to be is an ice rink! Clara likes working at Twin City Subaru because she loves helping people and learning new things and she gets to do that at this job. 

Lyndsay Sargeant
(802) 671-7466

Lyndsay Sargeant has been with Twin City Subaru since 2021. She really enjoys the fast pace, sense of community and knowing that there is value in the things that you do from day-to-day. You actively see the results of what you do, and that is rewarding!

Lyndsay went to school at Harwood Union Middle/High School, Class of '09, and at Northern Vermont University, Class of 2014. As far as previous work, she has worked in healthcare, security and administration. She is a sixth-generation Vermonter.

Lynsday has spent time in the military which has taken her to Oklahoma and Texas. She loves Vermont's mountains but her next travel destination is the Rocky Mountains out west!

In her free time you can find Lyndsay crafting or writing. You can also find her walking/hiking somewhere, or clearing out some crafting projects for my family and friends. She is also a connoisseur of a good curry dish. 

If stranded on a deserted island she would take with her a compass, knife and a water bottle.

She has one rambunctious Corgi, two grumpy old cats, and a partner that tends to keep her on her toes! Not to mention a nephew that she can't get enough of teaching about the world we live in.

Brenda Otero
BDC Appointment Coordinator
(802) 671-7491

Brenda Otero likes customer service. When she isn't at work she can be found outside roaming her property or in her band room. She and her husband are in a band called Imagine That. They have been together for 21 years, and have five kids & four grandkids combined, along with a cat & a grand dog (their daughter's dog). If Brenda was stranded on a deserted island she would bring a book,a guitar, and a piano.

Christina Hays
BDC Appointment Coordinator

Christina Hays has been with 802 Cars since 2021. She graduated Spaulding in 2011 and has worked numerous customer service and health care jobs before joining the Team at Twin City Subaru. 

She has seen much of the US living in Maine, New Your, Alabama and finally settling down in Vermont. Of all the places she has lived, nothing can top the rolls and cinnamon butter at Texas Roadhouse for her. 

In her free time, Christina loves being by the water or going on walks with her son Liam. Together, they have a fish named Nemo and a cat named Pickles. 

If Christina was stranded on a deserted island, she would want to have food prep tools, a firestarter and a shelter, because she intends on staying on that island, haha.

April Barone
Service Advisor

April Barone joined 802Cars in the Spring of 2022. She joined the Twin City Subaru Service Team and loves it. 

She has always driven Subaru vehicles and has been buying and servicing her vehicles with Twin City Subaru for a long time. It seemed fitting for her next adventure to be with Twin City Subaru.

She attended Harwood Union High School. Her most recent previous job was as a front end manager at Mehuron's Supermarket. All of her previous jobs have been customer service related.

April has lived in Vermont her entire life. If she had to pick a favorite place, it would be at home with family. She likes to spend her downtime crocheting. On her days off, she can usually be found doing yard work or at the hardware store picking up something for a DIY project.

She loves food of all types so it would be impossible to pick a favorite dish. 

If she were to go to a deserted island, she would probably bring a hammock, a book, and some sunblock.

April has a blended family that includes her three awesome children. They don't have any pets but if they were to get one it would probably be a Norwegian Forest cat who they would probably name either Thor or Ragnar.

Jonathan Nelson
Service Advisor

Jonathan adds a touch of class to the service process. His care and friendly nature will put your mind at ease knowing that you and your Subaru are in good hands.  Prior to joining Twin City, Jonathan worked as a Service Advisor, a Retail Manager, and a Martial Arts / Ski / Kayaking Instructor. He loves living in the twin city area and being part of the Vermont community. In his free time, Jonathan enjoys woodworking, playing music and enjoying the great outdoors.

Timothy Coles
Subaru Service Technician

Dylan Bahner

Dylan Bahner joined 802Cars in September 2018 and rejoined us in early 2022. He loves the friendly environment here and working with his team. 

Dylan is the definition of a "car guy" He drives a heavily modified whip and likes taking it to car meets. You can also find him skateboarding or snowboarding depending on the season. He loves any kind of mexican food. 

Born and raised in Vermont, he attended Vermont Automotive School and can be found at car shows or skateparks in his free time. He grew up doing a lot of mountain biking his father who owns wheels around Waterbury teaching kids and younger adults how to ride mountain bikes on trails, how to be safe in the woods and anything they need to know about biking. He's always had a love for cars and enjoy spending his weekends skating, bmx biking or relaxing on the deck.

If stranded on a deserted island, he would want to have pit bikes, a hammock and a coffee supply.

Jared Dente

Jared Dente joined 802Cars in early 2022. He loves being at Twin City Subaru because of the atmosphere and numerous growth opportunities. 

In his time off, Jared likes to go to Joes Pond and visit Boston. He also enjoys cooking good food and playing exbox to wind down and relax after turning wrenches at work. He also likes to be out on the lake. 

A lifelong Vermonter, Jared graduated from CVCC Jared has been working on cars since he was 17. He has also spent time in restaurants. 

When it comes to food, Jared makes a mean pot roast and smoked brisket, but loves Launigs in Burlington. 

If he were stranded on a deserted island, he would want to have a fishing pole, a tarp and lots of paracord. 

He and his newly-wed wife have a dog named Daisy.

Jalen Carter
Subaru Service Technician

Previous to becoming a technician at Twin City Subaru, Jalen has worked as a plumbing technician, solar installer, propane technician, and landscaper. During the winters he spends his time at home and in the summers he can be found working on his Honda. If he was stranded on a deserted island he would bring Hi-C fruit punch, guacamole and salsa, and a complete living room set! When he's not at work he can be found eating food & fixing cars. 

Andrew Tate
Service Technician

Dwight Mitchell
Service Technician

Dwight Mitchell enjoys fishing on a lake, traveling, & on his day off he can be found at home relaxing. He went Universal Technical Institute & has worked for various other automotive manufactures. If he was stranded on the deserted island he would bring his fridge, phone, and battery pack for charging the phone. Dwight has 5 dogs, 2 mini donkeys, and many other barnyard critters! He likes working at Twin City Subaru because going to work is like coming home to family. 

Justin MaGill
Service Technician

Dwight Blondin
Subaru Service Technician

More info on Dwight coming soon!

Michael Isabell
Subaru Service Technician

Michael Isabelle is a Vermont native and his favorite place to travel to is Alamosa, Colorado. Outside of work he can be found at his computer desk or playing video games. He has two beautiful kittens that are like his children, and some wonderful parents and way too many siblings. If he was stranded on a deserted island he would bring a four wheeler, knife, and a waterproof lighter & his favorite meal is steak, potatoes & gravy. He likes working at Twin City Subaru because of his fellow employees! 

Ryan Towle
Subaru Service Technician

More info on Ryan coming soon!

Austin Blais
Service Technician

Austin Andrew Blais has been working at Twin City Subaru since June 2021. He loves it here because of his friendly team. Everyone is willing to lend a hand and guidance when needed. 

Austin has lived in Vermont his whole life. He went to Twinfield High School and has also worked through the tech program at Spaulding. He also worked at Capitol Candy in Barre while in school. 

In his free time, Austin likes taking his side by side out trailing or going to races at Thunder Road. He also really enjoys traveling to Maine with his family.

If given a choice, Austin would take a lobster dinner anytime. If stranded on a desert island, he would want to have with him a fire starter, axe and a tarp. 

He has a dog named Miles.

Michael Mallen
Service Technician

Kristina King

William Norrie

Connor Lubas
Car Washer


Customer Service and Parts

Bill Morgan

Chris Flemming
Parts Manager
(802) 671-7481

Kyler Davis
Customer Service and Parts
(802) 671-7484

Brandon Williams
Parts Delivery Driver

Brandon Healy
Customer Service and Parts
(802) 671-7482

Brandon has been all over Ireland and thinks Dublin is his favorite place to travel to and he thinks Lui Lui's is the best restaurant within a 45 minute drive of central vermont! He has a wife, a son who is just a toddler, and a little one due in September. They have a few pets including a kitty cat, a couple of reptiles, and an axolotl in an aquarium. He and his family try and spend as much time outside as possible, including going hiking & camping.

He likes working at Twin City Subaru because of his great coworkers and because everyone has the best attitude. 


Customer Service and Leadership

Dave Birmingham
Chief Dog Walker

Kathryn Farnham
Chief Financial Officer
(802) 224-7296


Customer Service and Merchandising

Angus MacAskill
Customer Service and Lot manager