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Do Subarus Need Snow Tires
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Q: I have a Subaru with superior All-Wheel Drive. Do I really need snow tires?

A: For a full answer, watch Dan's video below! Quick answer: "It depends on where you live. If you drive on dirt roads, hills, or anywhere that isn't frequently plowed, winter snow tires are a smart investment. If you think about it, tires are the only part touching the ground - and therefore are responsible for your Subaru's traction on snow. A common tire misconception is that buying snow tires doubles the cost of tires. But really, it's just halfing the wear on your all-seasons."
Q: Should I get studded snow tires, or just regular winter snow tires?

A: Well, that really depends on where you drive most frequently. Studded snow tires are best only on ice and when temperatures are near freezing. Studs provide extra "bite" in icy conditions. The pros: they stop faster  on ice than any other tire and they "chew up" the ice on the roads. The cons: while they chew up ice, they can contribute to road deterioration. Studded tires aren't as effective as regular winter tires on snowy or slushy roads, and they're pretty noisy. Some states, like MA, restrict when you can run studded tires. Something to think about before that long holiday road trip! You're probably better off using regular winter snow tires for your Subaru rather than studded tires unless you live in a place that generally has sleek icy roads as opposed to snowy and slushy. For a description of winter snow tires vs studded snow tires vs all-season tires, visit our tire center homepage.
Q: How do I know what size of tires I need?

A: Good question! Those numbers on the tire sidewall indicate a tires size. They are the width, aspect ratio, and rim diameter of your tire. You can usually look at your existing tires to determine what size replacements you'll need. Be careful generalizing tires by Make/Model. A Subaru Impreza, for example, has either 16" OR 17" tires, depending on the trim level!

If you need help finding the right size/type of tire for your Subaru, we can help here. Bonus points if you have your Subaru's VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) handy - then we can match tires exactly to your specific Subaru!

For Dan's full answer and an in-depth explanation of what the numbers on the tire mean, watch this video, give us a call, or stop into the store. We're always happy to help!