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Each winter, people often find themselves wondering, are my all-season tires okay for winter weather?

This guide was created to help you answer that question. The difference between all-season tires VS snow tires VS studded snow tires is outlined below. But if you find yourself yearning for more information and personal assistance, we'd be more than happy to help you find the right Subaru snow tires for your vehicle. Just call our Parts Department at  (877) 597-2610 for tire help.

All-Season Tires

Designed to perform in, well, all seasons. They're effective in most driving conditions -- rainy, dry, light snow, etc., but they do not focus on one particular condition.  They are a type of "tire compromise." All-season tires do particularly well in rain and on dry roads, but they're not prepared for the winter because the rubber that's on them isn't designed for temperatures less than 45 degrees. When you drive in the cold, the rubber on all-seasons gets hard, making it easier for you to slide on the road.

Winter Snow Tires

Created specifically for the best possible performance in winter weather conditions. Snow tires have deeper tread, called "lugs," which are designed to channel snow, ice, slush or water away from the tire's surface as it rotates.  Winter snow tires also have more razor-thin grooves called "sipes" within the tread, which allow better contact between the tires and wet road surfaces by providing additional biting surface.Their rubber stays soft in colder temperatures, meaning you are less likely to slide around than with all-season tires.

Studded Snow Tires

Best only on ice and when temperatures are near freezing. Studs provide extra "bite" in icy conditions. The pros: they stop faster  on ice than any other tire and they "chew up" the ice on the roads. The cons: while they chew up ice, they can contribute to road deterioration. Studded tires aren't as effective as regular winter tires on snowy or slushy roads, and they're pretty noisy. Some states, like MA, restrict when you can run studded tires. Something to think about before that long holiday road trip!

You're probably better off using regular winter snow tires for your Subaru rather than studded tires unless you live in a place that generally has sleek icy roads as opposed to snowy and slushy. And since we live in a place with very unpredictable autumn and spring weather, regular winter snow tires are usually the way to go.

If You Live in Vermont, Winter Tires are a Smart Investment

Keep in mind that having two sets of tires isn't doubling the expense, it's halving the wear. You'll have twice the number of tires but buy new ones half as often. Remember to swap back to all-season or summer tires in early spring (winter tires' softer rubber compounds wear quickly in warmer temperatures) and store off-season tires in a cool, dry area out of the sun.

No One Knows Your Subaru Snow Tire Needs Like We Do

It's best to buy your winter snow tires from a trusted source so you can be sure they are of quality and a good fit for your Subaru & driving style. If you would like more info about snow tires and which are best for your car, we'd be happy to help guide you in your decision making process. Call our Subaru Parts Department directly at (877) 597-2610 for snow tire help!

You can buy your tires right here at Twin City Subaru. We will custom order the tires that are best for your Subaru model,lifestyle, and driving style. After all, no one knows your Subaru like we do!

And lastly, no matter how awesome your Subaru's snow-tired AWD is, the best way to stay safe on snowy roads is to follow standard winter driving advice. Give yourself a little extra time, double your following distance, and slow down if things feel slippery!

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